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$6.99 w/CODE Menstrual Cups 2 Set

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  • 2 MENSTRUAL CUPS Small cup is for lighter or normal flow, women under 30, or who have never given birth. Large cup is for heavy flow, women over 30, or who have given birth vaginally.
  • RELIABLE-UP TO 12H PROTECTION You won’t need to rush to the bathroom to change tampons or pads again and again, no matter swimming, running, sleeping, working or in class…Our menstrual cups can hold fluid as much as 3 tampons. It’s ideal for women to choose period products.
  • SAFE AND COMFORT FDA approved. Lifetime warranty. Made of medical-grade silicone and non-latex. It’s the healthy period products. The soft menstrual cup is designed based on the structure of the vagina, when you placing it correctly, you would feel like you’re wearing nothing. You may forget that you’re on your period.
  • EASY TO USE Clean your hands and the cup, folding the period cup and inserting it slowly into vagina, until it arrives in the right place. Then it’ll pop which becomes a suction sealed with your body so it won’t shift and leak-free. Let you go through a stress-free, invigorating period.

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